Cyber Security hackathon


Garage48 together with Startup Estonia and British Embassy is inviting you to join Cyber Security Hackathon on April 20-22 at TTU IT College. The main aim of the event is to bring the Lithuanian, Latvian, Estonian and British Cyber security communities together, to create a platform, where ideas will be generated, experiences and knowledge shared, tough cookies tackled with joint force and new solutions developed.

The event format is 2 days intensive brainstorming, coding, developing, designing and by the end of the event, presenting the final prototype, winning amazing awards and feeling proud of yourself!

Who is welcome to join, you may ask? Everyone, who cares about the Cyber Security, about the data protection and the future of this field. We would like to invite:

  • designers
  • data specialist,
  • UI/UX designers
  • developers
  • engineers
  • visionaries
  • experts
  • marketing gurus
  • passionate project managers
Join the event to meet inspiring and passionate people, as well as our incredible mentors, from Latvia, Estonia and UK, who will share their expertise and knowledge with you.

Check more about the event here - http://bit.ly/g48cyberfb

Get your tickets here - http://bit.ly/cyberhackathon


Cyber Security and Cyber Attacks have been very hot topic over the past years! More and more cyber attacks have been happening all over the world, affecting millions of people. Therefore, it is our responsibility to find new ways to improve the way of Cyber Security, to find new solutions, to protect our data from upcoming threats.  

We are waiting for YOU to join the Hackathon world!

11.04.2018 12:08